Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Pet ID tag silencer - wallet tag bag - upcycled

Do your pet's ID tags jingle in the middle of the night and wake you up when they get up to shake or scratch?  Annoying?  Yes!  (It never bothered me until hubby mentioned it).  Here's the solution...

black cat with red collar and green tag bag wallet ID tag silencer
Our model Jade is wearing her upcycled pet ID tag silencer tag bag made from a computer bag strap

Not to be outdone, our model Monkey is wearing his custom pet ID tag silencer tag bag too
Materials:  pieces from a computer bag (we have lots of those), shoelace or lanyard, decorative ribbon.

Cut the straps into pieces and melt the ends using a BBQ lighter or match so they don't fray.
The largest piece should be large enough for the tag(s) and be able to fold around it like a wallet.
Sew a piece of velcro (sticky side) and a loop along one edge of the large piece to tie the tags to later.

At the same time, on the other side of this same piece, sew the opposing piece of velcro (soft side), as well as another loop that the collar will fit through.  This is a bit like a belt loop.

When sewing velro, it helps to put a piece of paper on the sticky side to prevent the thread from getting caught in it as you sew.  Just pull the paper off when you have finished.

Add decorative pet-themed ribbon in the colour of your choice:

Fold the bottom of the wallet up

Stitch down on the sides to close it, leaving the top part as a flap



attach your pet tags
Tuck them inside

Fold it closed

Insert the collar through the 'belt loop' on the back

And voila!  Wear with silent pride and make your owners happy.

Pet ID tag silencer wallet bag

I also made one in purple for cousin Chubbins:

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